Driving investment &
growth in the
flexi-space sector

Independent experts in flexi-space and self-storage development, construction and management. Flexiss leads the way in ESG and net zero carbon operations.



Our consulting service is technology based using site dissection data linking in with feasibility and cash flow projections. With our design team modelling each development we are able to provide detailed cost analysis.


We provide operational and strategic management to maximise profits of self-storage and workspace businesses that focus on key deliverables to improve performance for a successful capital returns. We deliver seamless sales and marketing processes, regular maintenance programmes so to operational functionality and appearance is sustained plus lead empowerment in our teams at every level.


We provide end to end solutions for all self-storage and flexi-space requirements. In addition to our years of knowledge in design and construction the key to our success is the ability to innovate and provide best in class construction methods and service.


Our facilities team are responsible for the security, maintenance and services of multiple buildings to ensure they meet the needs of the organisation, its employees and our end users. We provide a one-stop-shop for all your maintenance needs, with a dedicated central core service. Our highly trained team manage a multitude of tasks every year, end to end: from breakdown to triage and through to completion. 


Our experienced property team sources and acquires new locations; which can be vacant land (where we construct our brand new net-zero carbon facilities), or existing buildings to re-purpose and re-develop. Creative in our approach, we are also acquiring ‘air space’ above supermarkets and retail units for our newest developments.

Our current partners

Flexiss is responsible for the operational and strategic direction of the business and brands we manage. We currently work with Schroders, Seneca Partners a number of Legal & General funds, Barwood Capital and Compound Finance where Flexiss acts as their development and operating partners.

Driving investment growth in the self-storage and work space sectors

Flexiss Management Services is responsible for the operational and strategic direction of the business and brands we manage. We currently work with a number of investment funds where Flexiss acts as their preferred development and operating partners.

The management of Flexiss has a combined experience of over 50 years in the storage industry. In recent years, the members of the Flexiss management team have worked together in the storage industry and are responsible for a growth in earnings driven by increases in both occupancy and yield. This reflects the success of the team’s site selection strategy and has been coupled with a strict management of operating costs to deliver year on year increases in profitability.

The skill sets of the combined Management Team, allows Flexiss to offer any potential investor both development and operational expertise. Flexiss is also an active member of the UK Self Storage Association.

Environmental & Social Governance

Where our operating model allows, we strive to ensure that we align ourselves with CSR goals of our investors. 

All our new assets are constructed with specifications beyond the minimum building regulation requirements.  A number of our new stores have been constructed to BREEAM standards.  Our next generation of stores, currently in planning will be constructed to focus on achieving Net Zero Carbon levels.

Our fit-out currently includes, Solar PV, LED lighting and car charging points. We have live data feeds from all our stores showing our PV generation.

We support local wildlife habitats where possible with the installation of beehives and nesting boxes for birds at some of our stores.