Support the Mt.Snowdon Flexiss Charity Challenge

At The Flexiss Group, we’re aiming to make a difference our local communities and are excited to announce a very special fundraiser benefiting our spotlight charity Action For Children. 

We aim to contribute to Action for Children’s vital work, bringing hope and support to vulnerable children and young people in your area. Join us this September in making a real difference to the lives of children and families across England by sponsoring our charity expedition to conquer the summit Mt. Snowdon!


Snowdon Expedition

What do Action for Children do?

30% of the UK’s child population lives in poverty. Issues that arise from poverty are not restricted to a lack of access to food and resources but extend to making those individuals more prone to neglect, abuse, and exploitation. 

Action For Children prides itself on leading innovative care, education, and intervention initiatives. Last year alone, they helped 195,484 children, young people, and their families achieve better outcomes, with 80% showing marked improvement after accessing their services!

From their 55 children’s centres and 46 nurseries and outreach programmes extending across the UK into many of our local communities, promoting healthy development, to providing safe and stable homes through their fostering programs and children’s homes, they are committed to giving every child the best start in life. Their work includes partnering with local authorities, the NHS, and other agencies to offer early support and prevent problems from escalating.

Action for Children’s community programmes are evident in our local communities and a vital lifeline for so many. By donating to our challenge you would be helping AFC to continue doing so much good work for vulnerable children and young people from a grassroots level up. 

How you can sponsor The Flexiss Group

Sponsoring our expedition up Mount Snowdon in North Wales supports not just The Flexiss Group’s mission to positively contribute to our local communities but the mission of Action For Children to advocate for vulnerable children, influence government policy, and ensure every young person gets the support they need. By working together we can help continue to provide essential services and life-changing support. Together, we can climb new heights and create a brighter future for children in England. 

Any donation from our investors is gratefully received and 100% of all donations are donated to Action For Children. To get involved and sponsor our team today go to: and Donate Now or contact The Flexiss Group.